Metal Sculptures

Metal Sculptures by Pascal Billiau

Loggerhead-sea-turtle-at beach

Metal Sculptures in Broome, Western Australia

Metalwood is the studio of Broome artist Pascal Billiau, who utilises metal and timber to craft distinctive sculptures inspired by the unspoilt waters and abundance of the unique wildlife found throughout northern Australia. Metalwood timber and the metal artwork are designed for interior and exterior display, incorporating a wide variety of techniques, materials and colours. These sculptures make an ideal entrance focal point or statement piece in a lush outdoor setting, capturing the awe and beauty of this unforgettable region.

Commission an Artwork

Award-Winning Artist

Is there a specific idea you would like to see brought to life? Artist Pascal Billiau is available for commissioned work and would be pleased to discuss your request.


Available at Black Stump gallery

The sculptures of yesterday and today have existed since the Stone Age, some 25,000 years ago.

With the arrival of steels and their heat treatment, new possibilities for the sculptor have opened up.

The inspiration for creating these sculptures comes from having a strong passion for the ocean and the environment after living in such a unique location. I first began creating sculptures to help raise awareness of the importance of the Kimberley and West Coast marine life.

Some sculptures are displayed at Broome Gallery and Black Stump Gallery in Broome, Western Australia, where you are invited to visit and experience each piece up close in person or contact me.

“I also love being creative and will try any animal of all shapes and sizes, so please share with me your idea, and I will bring it to life…”

metal Sculptures

The Sculpture

leads an independent existence. As with any organism, their growth occured organically. It can bee seen, touched, it changes the space it occupies and encloses. In the best case, it possesses a soul with a special charisma which can be recognized by the magical power which is often attributed to it. The fact that it appeals to our feeling, which is deeply rooted in our psyche explains the fascination that it exercises.

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