About Pascal

About Pascal and his work

Pascal’s artworks incorporate a variety of techniques including metalwork, welding and carpentry, and crafted using sustainably sourced materials including recycled steel, metal and aged timber. These pieces are often complemented with airbrushed metal dyes and clear coats to portray the rich natural colors of Broome’s animals and environments. The results are statement pieces designed for interior or exterior display. Sculptures are displayed at Artissimo Gallery at 15 Dampier Terrace, Broome, where you are invited to visit and experience each piece in its physical form.

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I’ am a sculptor and carpenter by trade working in Broome, Western Australia, where some of the world’s most pristine waters and diverse fauna are to be found; from fish and birdlife to predatory reptiles. I am constantly inspired by my experiences of living in this unique location. In particular, my passion for its marine environments led me to create my first sculpture and still influences my artwork today. I create my art to help raise awareness of the importance of our oceans and to promote respect for the diverse creatures that live within them.

Awards & Mentions

Shinju Matsuri Winner

”  A View To Asia “

Peoples Choise Award

” A View To Asia “